Build Cloud Oscilloscope!


You need a number of components to assemble Cloud Oscilloscope. Most of them can be bought at the nearest radio store or on AliExpress.

The main components of Cloud Oscilloscope are a singleboard computer, spi-display and custom ADC-shield. Now we are working with Orange Pi Zero, but in the future we will port software to Raspberry Pi and any other singlebard computer.

If you have 3D-printer you can print a case for oscilloscope. Check links at the main components list.

Main components:

front_case back_case

Use this scheme to build ADC-shield:

Components for ADC-shield:

  • U1-mcp3201, dip-8
  • P1 - BNC connector
  • P2, P3 - TRG5-5VDC relay
  • P4, P5-connector 2.54 mm pitch 13*2 pins
  • P6, P7-connector 2.54 mm pitch 5 pins
  • P8 - connector 2.54 mm pitch 3 pins
  • Q1, Q2 - NPN 2n5551 — 2
  • R1, R8-4.7 k, 0.25 W
  • R2-5M, 0.25 W
  • R3-4M, 0.25 W
  • R4-1M, 0.25 W
  • R5, R7-820, 0.25 W
  • R6-100, 0.25 W
  • D1-zener diode 2,4 v
  • D2, D3-zener diode 4.7 v
  • C1, C4 - 47µF
  • C2, C3 - 0.1 µF
  • ec11 encoder for arduino x2

If the output of the button on the Board is not pulled up (pull up) resistor, you need to add a 10 kOm resistor:

encoder patch

This is a first prototype of Cloud Oscilloscope so it contains a little count of bugs :) Don't afraid of this, we all are working to make a stable device.


development version of ADC-shield PCB