We won a first stage of Open IoT Challenge by Eclipse

Oh yeah!

We have became a TOP-12 Proposal at Eclipse Open IoT Challenge! Thanks to everyone who believed in us.

What does it mean?

It means that we will build a stable Cloud Oscilloscope by 15 march 2018. Also we will get a 150$ gift card to buy electronic parts for next Cloud Oscilloscope prototype. As you can see, right now we have a working prototype, but we have to make it stable.

Plans for the next 4 weeks

First of all, we will fix these issues:

  • Get rid of freezes program. In some case Linux does not hang, but we can't reload SPI interface and change the picture on display. Also we cannot kill the main program
  • Set up UI buttons to scale oscillogram on the display
  • Correct formatting the x-axis on the display. Make button for an x-axis for external synchronization
  • Remove unused parts from Linux on Orange Pi
  • Resolve a question how to store oscilloscope data on device and upload it to backend

We are going to fix some of this bugs on the New Year's holidays.

A little talk about Cloud Oscilloscope in Russian (with demonstration)

Sorry, we do not have a time to translate it :( You can use default Youtube's subs.